Sa and Sons Construction Co., Inc.


                             “Why Our  Patches Are Better”


Many people say to us, “we can always spot a Sa and Sons patch, it’s  much better than the rest”.  Let me tell you why.... First we get on our knees (ouch!) and draw straight and square lines with chalk.  We cut the edges perpendicular to the ground and remove the temporary pavement to the required depth.  We then compact the sub-base, with a vibratory plate tamper, ensuring a level base surface.  Stabilized base, transported in a heated body truck, is installed.  FABC top, also transported in a heated body truck, is applied and compacted with a vibratory, operator driven “steamroller” (that’s what the kids call it).  All the edges are thoroughly tac-koted.  Our  concrete transported in our own agitating transit mixer truck, to ensure an expert blend. Our expertise in infrared paving has given our customers more options. Everyone of our supervisors, including Al and Tony, has over 20 years of patching experience (bad for our  backs, but good for the patch!). Add all that together and get the best, and remember our patches are that good because that’s what we do ....all the time.